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It's all in the details

Growing the perfect bud requires passion, patience, and unwaivering commitment to the little things. We get down in the dirt to ensure that each and every strain produces an elevated experience from start to finish.

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Loyal to the soil

What is living soil, and why does it matter? Living soil is a thriving ecosystem of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms breaking down organic matter to make nutrients available for plant roots. Nature has perfected this system over millions of years – it yields the cleanest, smoothest, and most aromatic cannabis available anywhere.

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The truth is in the burn

Skookum cannabis is cold cured to maximize potency, flavour and smoothness. Cannabis, like fine wine and aged whiskey, needs time to mature. This measured process both increases THCA concentration and dissipates natural but unwanted minerals and sugars produced by the drying process, resulting in the cleanest burning bud.

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All fresh n' no funk

Whap! Like a slap to the face, deeply aromatic terpenes crash into your olfactory whilst opening a shiny new tin of Skookum cannabis. Inside, beautiful buds caked in trichomes - as fresh and potent as the day they were packed. Our strains are sealed air-tight to maintain optimal moisture and flavour - taste and feel the difference.