Big Bad Wolf

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THC: 24% | CBG: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Pastry, Fuel, Pine
Effects: Euphoric, Soothing, Spacy

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Lock your windows! Bolt the doors! Better yet, board ‘em up, cause this shit will blow your house down. As the old folk-tales cautioned, the Big Bad Wolf ain’t nothin’ to play with, its stunning effects and biting potency are of legendary proportions.

Bred by Humboldt CSI and masterfully grown by the notorious Bone Crusher, this living soil cultivar was cold-cured for two weeks to maximize flavour and smoothness. Featuring medium-dense foxtail buds – absolutely dripping in trichomes with a hypnotic aroma of sweet pastry, pine and fuel this strain is truly a delight for the senses. Huff and puff away, friends, while heady plumes of smoke give way to fluffy, light grey ash.

With effects that are both immediate and enduring, Big Bad Wolf will grab hold of you mid-session and won’t let go until you’re wide-eyed and howling at the moon – a remarkable stone that is highly euphoric and deeply soothing. Get your paws on this while you can.

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Plant Type

Indica Dominant

17 reviews for Big Bad Wolf

  1. zandig (verified owner)

    This is some really nice Kush. That just about says it all. If ya want great Kush, this is it 🙂 A real stand out.

  2. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Smells like a sweet strong pastry.
    Lots of Pastry sweetness. LOUD.
    Very strong cerebral. Trimmed nicely.
    Re-buy list for sure.

  3. Ryan Stitt (verified owner)

    So I’ve been chasing a buzz that I felt when I first had some Bluefin Tuna Kush way back and this Big Bad Wolf meets (and exceeds!) that buzz! Certainly a nice step-in should you not be able to get some Dutch Crunch as both are flooring in a way that has this veteran smoker waiting for the next re-stocking at Skookum. (Oh, and perhaps my favourite write-up for the description. Well done!)

  4. JD (verified owner)

    This one caught my attention before it became available. It was in the strain library from before I started ordering Skookum and let me tell you.. It’s as advertised! Packs a punch, but smooth as can be. I would choose this any night for a nice sesh. Props to the cultivar, he killed this one!

  5. trevor (verified owner)

    Skookum never disappoints. Amazing pot that tastes great and gets me buzzed. Smooth and easy to smoke. I would order this again.

  6. joey-905 (verified owner)

    This is a nice dank kushy fuel strain. I enjoyed this one the buds were tight lime green and burned beautiful. The smoke was smooth. The buzz was more body centered. Good strain before bed.

  7. Josafat Castro (verified owner)

    Now this is some nice kush. Smooth and very nice buzz ! Spot on description. Skookum does it again !

  8. AdamM (verified owner)

    Great bud! You can never go wrong with Skookum and this Big Bad Wolf strain is excellent and highly recommended.

  9. HappyGo420 (verified owner)

    I think I got the last tin! I got this with Ultra Pink. This is just a good – maybe a bit more sedating/sleepy.
    Skookum as always, smooth clean burn.
    It’s on the re-order list for sure…

  10. EH (verified owner)

    Another great strain by Skookum! Nice taste and smooth smoke. Will be ordering again!

  11. Mrk (verified owner)

    Solid. Again I am a sativa head and really like this.

  12. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    Thanks to 420 deal I was able to try some strains I wouldn’t normally order. I’m glad I ordered BBW. Honestly, I expected it to smell and taste like a wet wild dog. It’s nothing like that. It smells great. Very tasty (pastry, sugar, gas) and potent. Calming buzz. Heavy body stone. Just what the doctor ordered 🙂

  13. slimsim420 (verified owner)

    Post 420 restock. Not sure if it’s just this batch but I found the nose and taste to be very muted. The buds are still very fresh and sticky but the terpenes seem to have left the can. I was expecting some nice piney kush and it wasn’t the case at all. The only place where this strain shines for me is in the high, it was a pleasant calming body high that got my eyes halfway closed. Overall not very pleased, wouldn’t buy again based on this batch, wish I could have tasted previous ones to compare.

  14. Craig Voshall (verified owner)

    This one was great right out of the gate. Smells great and a great high that’s a bit of everything.
    I really enjoyed this.. It blew me down haha. I will order again and hope it’s a regular on the menu.

  15. BTH (verified owner)

    Lacking in potency and taste. Not a good time evening strain for me
    Will pass next time.
    Customer service is amazing though.

  16. AlreadyBeenStewing (verified owner)

    Nose was a little muted but beautiful green foxtail buds on this one. Nice potent high and great for a good night time strain. Haven’t had a smoke like this one in quite awhile.

  17. kevinbaker07 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this one. The nose is a cakey pastry with a touch of pine and fuel which comes through nicely in the smoke which is insanely smooth. The effects are heavy and relaxing which is exactly what I was looking for. My only complaint is the tin size….too small folks!

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