Cookies & Cream


THC: 21% | CBN 1.1%
14 grams

Aroma: Cookies, Cream, Fuel
Effects: Balanced, Relaxing, Cerebral

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Step on up and bite the biscuit. That’s right, this wonky wafer hits so good you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. This remarkable cross of Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies looks sweeter than a spoonful of sugar, but bangs like a bazooka directly to the brain. Boom.

Cookies & Cream is truly the definition of a caked-up confection. Its alluring conical buds are dusted in a thick layer of frost sitting atop an expansive backdrop of evergreen, ginger and violet hues. Cold-cured to perfection and tacky to the touch, these densely formed nugs bust out fat and roll up without resistance.

Knock the lid off this cookie jar and you’re confronted by a mouthwatering aroma of fresh-baked goods and sweetened cream. Seriously. They don’t call this shit Cookies ‘n’ Cream for nothing. Delve a little deeper and unleash a bouquet of dank, fuel-y undertones that let you know this cultivar isn’t something to play with. Insanely flavourful, and impeccably smooth. Burns to fluffy, near-white ash.

No milk required to get yourself absolutely dunked in a powerful yet well-balanced high. Deeply relaxing, with just the right amount of brow-raising tingle that’s sure to crumble your cookie. Whether you’re out-and-about or hunkered down for a night in, Cookies & Cream is a fantastic all-around strain that’ll get you good ‘n’ baked! Grab one before it dips.

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