Cuban Lynx

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THC: 19% | CBG 0.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Tropical, Citrus, Spice
Effects: Euphoric, Stimulating, Cerebral

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Cuban Lynx from Swamp Boys Seeds is a cross of Trigerian and GMO/TK Skunk. We’re beyond stoked to share this rare gem with you!

Grown in thriving living soil with 100% organic amendments and cured to perfection. These plants exude happiness, looking as though they’ve been cared for by the greenest of thumbs. The colas are conical and shimmer with trichomes, while the bright orange pistils add to the summery expression.

Cuban Lynx’s vibrant terpenes excite senses, popping with tangy tropical notes, lemon peel, and sweet ginger spice. Handling its buds will leave your fingers resinous thanks to a beautiful cure. A solid performer in a joint where its citrusy sweetness is boldly stated and complemented by a smooth exhale.

The first rushes of effects bring a stimulating focus and buzzing pressure behind the eyes. As the euphoric waves swell, you’ll be left carefree while donning a Cheshire grin. A surefire choice to add some cerebral sparkle to whatever’s on the docket.

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Plant Type

Sativa Dominant

9 reviews for Cuban Lynx

  1. David Trieu (verified owner)

    I’ve not yet seen anyone give this a rating so i’ll do the honours and put my two cents in;

    Good googly moogly!! As soon as the can was cracked i was instantly hit with a very strong pungent citrusy aroma. Out of all the strains I’ve tried , this one was personal definitely a top 3 . The effects, taste, + everything else about this strain was on point!!

    ***Would strongly recommend for the sativa lovers out there

  2. youngooer (verified owner)

    Beautiful sativa strain. Heavy on the nose citrus beauty! Love it glad it’s back so now I can get some more!

  3. rylan.w.beck (verified owner)

    Upon cracking the tin, I was immediately hit with a rush of citrusy goodness. Taste was fantastic, legit reminded me of a fruit smoothie. High was very exuberant and clearheaded, had me productive and blissfully euphoric for over half the day. No burnout, either! Right now, this is probably my second favorite sativa strain from Skookum, next to Strawberry Jerry.

  4. Durganotaar (verified owner)

    I’m a sativa lover myself and I’ve only had Cuban Lynx from the legal side, which was one of my to-go strain for a early morning!

    Again and again Skookum version is an improved one, very much citrus smells and taste was perfect!

  5. cale_324 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste and smell. A nice sativa. I was in the zone while gaming.

  6. JD (verified owner)

    The name itself had me curious. It seemed like the smell of it alone was going to blow me away. Well, I have to say I right because this strain smells divine, and smokes just as good! The taste is very sweet and citrusy. Must must must buy.

  7. D Jungle (verified owner)

    Best sativa terps out there super exotic sweet and spicy candy. Very functional not overpowering or racy high just the perfect morning sesh for day to day. Amazing.

  8. joey-905 (verified owner)

    A beautiful sativa tastes great and the effects are very up beat and uplifting. Good morning smoke with little burn out.

  9. Mrk (verified owner)

    Concrete sativa with hint of aroma similar to Putang. Liked this one a lot. Good wake n bake.

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