Glitter Apple

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THC: 18% | CBN 0.8%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Cream, Green Apple
Effects: Cerebral, Body High, Focused

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This stunning cross of Grease Monkey and Sour Apple is renowned for its charming effects and dazzling aesthetics. We’re beyond stoked to share this unique offering with our Skookum family.

This momentous crop comes from one of our most decorated growers, the Humble Gemini. As always, grown in living soil and fully organic – this beauty spent ten days in a cold cure, followed by an additional fourteen to lock in the optimal moisture content for that perfect burn.

True to its name, Glitter Apple absolutely shimmers with trichomes. Underneath thick layers of frost, a sea of lime green calyxes and auburn pistils stretch outwards. The buds are densely formed and meticulously hand-trimmed, you’ll want to take a moment to soak in this eye candy before even thinking of breaking it apart.

Highly aromatic and engaging to the senses, piercing a tin gives rise to notes of fuel, cream, and earth – with subtle hints of green apple. These enticing flavours translate wonderfully to both joint and vape alike.

When it comes to effects, Glitter Apple packs a crisp yet gooey stone. Allow yourself to be coated in a sense of well-being, an intriguing balance of stimulation and calmness. Puff away, friends. Like a nice slice of pie, this strain is as good for breakfast as it is dessert.

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Plant Type

Sativa Dominant

9 reviews for Glitter Apple

  1. DaddyFatSacks (verified owner)

    I’m usually an indica guy but decided to give this sativa a go. Really been enjoying it so far. I’m getting some definite apple pie aroma with a bit of gassyness, very nice smoke with a solid buzz.

  2. got_focused (verified owner)

    This stuff is definitely a new favourite. It’s a cross between Grease Monkey and Sour Apple and, to me at least, smells a lot like the strain Apple Pie.

    Cracking the tin you’re instantly greeted with nice big deep green buds covered in red hair and with a good coating of trichomes.

    The smell has gassy undertones but mostly smells similar to the Apple Pie I’ve had from Skookum before. Kind of a cinnamon, apple and pastry combination with a little gas poured on it.

    Rolls beautifully in a joint and burns clean. The taste translates to the smell but I don’t get quite as pronounced flavour on the exhale as I do when smelling it which was a slight bummer. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a winner but was just hoping for a bit more flavour on the exhale. It’s a very smooth smoke, no harshness whatsoever. The high is a total darling for me – functional and inspired. This is a strain I can smoke first thing in the morning and still get shit done throughout the day. I find it just puts me in a great mood and the burnout is relatively non existent.

  3. MightyMeggers (verified owner)

    Very happy that I decided this strain! It’s hitting all the right notes in my brain – I’m feeling nice and chill and also is good for my creative side.

    The flower itself is stunning, you can really see the TLC that was put in by the grower. Smells lovely too, has a nice floral quality but is also sweet. Thanks Skookum!

  4. trevor (verified owner)

    Gorgeous weed that has a nice apple taste. Very smooth and easy to smoke. I am happy I ordered this and would do so again.

  5. krisbdpl (verified owner)

    I tried it as one of its parents is Grease monkey which is my favourite strain, I am blown! This stuff is AMAzing, apple terps for days, would recommend and buy again!

  6. David Trieu (verified owner)

    It was great to try out . I would personally go for white sumo or strawberry jerry though!

  7. youngooer (verified owner)

    Got this strain on sale and I would have paid full price, no problem! Definitely has an apple aftertaste and moist dank nugs out of the can!

  8. CannabisHawk (verified owner)

    A nice smooth smoke with a subtle flavour and clean burn. The buzz lasts awhile and doesn’t cause too much anxiety for a sativa. Opening the tin revealed beautiful candy coated buds that shimmer in the light. Smells is not terribly strong but it’s there and is very pleasant. Another great tin from Skookum.

  9. Jon Kennedy (verified owner)

    Tastes just like a Granny Smith apple!! Very potent body effects, but still mentally clear. Definitely

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