Green Grease

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THC: 22% | CBD 0.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Gas, Cookies, Cream
Effects: Languid, Euphoric, Calming

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A Grease Monkey phenotype leaning heavily on the Cookies & Cream side. Grown by our friend the Humble Gemini in living soil with the most beautiful cover crop.

When cracking this tin, its sweet creamy nose paired with a hint of Gorilla Glue and instantly makes you want to inhale deeper. The nugs are frosty white against a light green backdrop and perfectly trimmed.

Green Grease hits with the big calm. Languid and chilled-out effects that buzz on for hours. Highly euphoric, while not overly productive or stimulating. Burns freely to white ash, and as always, absolutely no chemicals are ever used here, friends.

Expect a potent force of nature with this one! Limited quantities available.

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Indica Dominant

10 reviews for Green Grease

  1. Shannon T. (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Skookum and I’m very happy with the overall experience. Shipping was really quick and my tin came in this really cute box with bear print tissue paper. I usually lean towards indica strains as sativas tend to give me anxiety, so Green Grease high on my list of strains to try. So glad I tried this one, it’s got a really deep and pungent aroma that’s also kind of sweet, hard to explain but I like it a lot. Found the high to be exactly what I was looking for, something chill that didn’t give me any racing thoughts or paranoia. I’m looking forward to trying other strains in the future.

  2. def-jeff (verified owner)

    Heard about skookum on reddit and decided to see for myself what the hype was about. First things first, this stuff is pure fire! Like caked to the max, buds hella stuck to my fingers while packin the grinder, always a good sign IMO. This that gas I’m looking for, smooth on the inhale with bangin potency. Makes my head buzz, in a good way lol. Will be back for sure and props to the skookum squad

  3. ssass1981 (verified owner)

    Great strain that leaves me feeling fantastic and no worries in the world. The look is beautiful. Buds cured and trimmed perfectly. Would for sure purchase again! Thanks Skookum!!

  4. David Trieu (verified owner)

    Decided to pull the trigger on this one..
    Very flavourful on the cookies side indeed

    Also a very functional indica with a clean burnout if that’s what you’re looking for!

  5. youngooer (verified owner)

    It’s hard not to give Skookum a 5 star rating. This strain is again a five star. Beautiful indica strain. Again some of the most dank nugs ever. You folks have it figured out with your curing process. Xo

  6. zandig (verified owner)

    We found this stuff to be not quite as dank as the grease monkey but still, ya can’t go wrong! Really nice buds as always and plenty potent, just not as good as it’s sister, the Grease Monkey!

  7. Travis MacDobbie (verified owner)

    Nice looking buds, skookum never lets you down!!

  8. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Its a funky doughy cookie smell. Light green buds with few light orange hairs.
    Taste comes thru with cookie and more glue taste than you smell.
    Strong as usual and good.

  9. Travis MacDonald (verified owner)

    Nice clean smoke, felt really good after burning this stuff. love everything skookum does. ?

  10. Jon Kennedy (verified owner)

    This is one of the gassier strains I’ve had from Skookum. I’ve always been a fan of Gorilla Glue strains so I knew this pheno would be right up my alley. Buds themselves are sticky and nicely coated. The nose is a mix of gas and earth and something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. Definitely has a Gorilla Glue nose but with the presence of something else as well. The smell translates to taste for sure. Got that I just took a toot of crystal” effect on my lungs on the exhale. Burns white and the resin ring is really pronounced on a joint. High is a nighttime smoke for sure. Not very functional although I find it can be depending on your overall energy levels before smoking it. This is another strain that gets me feeling kind of giddy/ goofy. I laugh more and it lifts the general sense of unease and foreboding I have most days. Munchies are strong but similar to the Sophie’s Breath I find that if you can hold on through the initial effects the munchies feeling kind of dwindles away after a little bit. Would buy again.

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