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THC: 19.5% | CBG: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Meringue, Berry
Effects: Relaxing, Body High, Cerebral

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This exceedingly rare cross is guaranteed to turn your crank, the lovechild of High Octane OG and Sunset Sherbert — a multi-award-winning pure indica, crossed with a hybrid descendant of the renowned Girl Scout Cookies lineage.

Featuring pungent scents of pine and fresh lemon, this caked-up cultivar displays shades of light green with hints of orange and violet.

Super smooth on the inhale, with notes of fuel and sweet meringue, this dank bud is a smoker’s paradise. Expansive effects go straight to the head with a surge of energy, gradually giving way to a plush and weighty stone.

Skillfully grown by the Humble Gemini, this limited run strain is yet another ace in the Skookum lineup. With vibrant flourishes of colour and trichomes abound, you might just want to snap a few photos for the highlight reel.

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20 reviews for Octane

  1. DankRobber69 (verified owner)

    Really interesting smell. Huge hits of gas up front with a sweetness that I can’t really put my finger on. Absolutely intoxicating. Love the heavier highs and Octane for sure put me on my ass lol. Great for kickin back after a long day and helps me sleep. Shipping was quick too, big thank to the skookum fam.

  2. kushcakes (verified owner)

    Hot damn.. this one’s a winner! Super dense nugs and is so smooth! Flavours all there. Heavy hitter and pretty to look at. I like to roll king sized joints and this one was easy to puff on the whole way down and left me quite ripped. Classic chill strain.

  3. got_focused (verified owner)

    When you crack the tin the first notes that hit your nose are gassy and earthy. Buds themselves were coated in trichomes and sticky. Hues of slight purple, deep green and orange. It busted up really nicely in my grinder despite the stickiness and gave off a bit more of a citrusy nose once the buds were broken up. Full disclosure: The first sample I had of this was a bong hoot and I was floored by it and instantly extremely hungry. I crushed basically every snackable thing in my kitchen and then passed out.

    The next day I decided I should probably put it through all the paces so I rolled one instead.

    Rolled well in a joint and the burn was a nice white ash with the occasional bit of salt and pepper. Taste on exhale was gassy followed by a citrus funk that sat on my palette after the joint was done. The high is good for movies and playing video games. I certainly wouldn’t call it functional but I was still aware of what was happening and wasn’t in a total fog. Burn out was fairly strong and I slept really well after.

  4. flav91 (verified owner)

    Hot Tamales captain!!! Now I know why it’s high-grade AAAA. Sticky nuggets, caked nuggets, smelly nuggets, and pretty nuggets! Man am I glad I found Skookum.:) This strain will get you waaay relaxed. Get your couch/bed ready because you’re gonna need it!

    Impressed also with Skookum’s philosophy regarding the growing process. Growers’ dedication and Mother Nature definitely go hand in hand. Skookum got all the dots connected and it really shows in every way! Will be back for sure again!😃

  5. trevor (verified owner)

    Gorgeous weed that tastes great, and is nice and smooth and easy to smoke.
    Very potent too. Really nice buzz. I love this stuff!

  6. ssass1981 (verified owner)

    This stuff is at the top of the food chain with the mint chocolate chip strain Skookum has as well. Fantastic taste. Great buzz and excellent appeal when opening the can. At the top of the list of must haves now from Skookum!! Thank you!!

  7. Louis V. (verified owner)

    Earthy and a bit sweet berri-gassy on the inhale, main terps in order on the exhale are: candy-licorice, complex sweet gas. Big fan of this one. I ordered 2 tins and I’m more than happy! It’s in the same league as the best skookum tins: White Sumo, Mint Chocolate Chip, Purple Sherbert and Strawberry Jerry, etc.

  8. zandig (verified owner)

    This stuff was so good I had to order two more tins. Glad to see it back on the menu, but with so may to choose from, this will have to wait til another time!

  9. MICHY (verified owner)

    Like you’re smoking Straight Gas! Big fan of this one. Very Very Smelly!

  10. Philip K. (verified owner)

    This bud belongs in a museum somewhere. It looks like it was grown by aliens, and is just something else to behold.

    It’s nice and smooth and gassy, and is such a pleasure to smoke.

    A good indica for a sunny afternoon.

  11. Jason R. (verified owner)

    Funky Gas Terps. Not my fave terp profile but this shit is fire. Man Cookies is fucking lit tho

  12. sl3 (verified owner)

    Smokes and tastes amazing. Love the cross and everything about this one. Pick it up if you haven’t tried it.

  13. youngooer (verified owner)

    Another 5 star strain. It was hard to choose between this and the BX3 variant and you won’t be let down with this one. Much fruitier than I had expected, both nose and smoke. It’s definitely a heavier hit for the thc content. Would order again.

  14. habs_guy (verified owner)

    A fruity gas bud.
    Aftertaste is pure gas and it lingers on the palate

    Strong hitter too. happy days

  15. adam_m (verified owner)

    I was blown away and pleasantly surprised by this strain. As soon as I cracked open the can I knew this was a winner. The smoke is tremendous and gives a great high. Will definitely be ordering again.

  16. MICHY (verified owner)

    Faithful to their habits, another product of exceptional quality. Big, sticky buds. Taste like fruity diesel. Love It!

  17. JD (verified owner)

    Octanes taste has been one of my favorite tastes from their gassy indicas. It’s got a nice thick smoke to it that chokes you just right. Highly recommended

  18. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Great Smoke. High quality Bud. Love that all the strains are organically grown using living soil. I love the octane for an evening smoke because it will put you down on the couch

  19. Chris H. (verified owner)

    This plant has beautiful astectics, love the coloring of this one. Smokes nice in a joint, decent high, I personally like a couple of the other skookum strains better, but glad I tried this little beauty.

  20. itisillicit (verified owner)

    Buds looks amazing and have the perfect density. One of the best things about this one pre-smoke is the feel of the buds when I break em…A bit sticky, lots of powder, just the right crumble. Perfect cure for the joints I roll.
    The nose is a bit subdued but translates over to the flavour quite well–light fuel and citrus with a touch of spice in there. Lots of “smooth” tasting smokes are just flavourless, but while this one is on the lighter side, the subtle nuances are very pleasant. I like this stuff for a daytime buzz as it feels a bit less heavy than some other indica varieties in the Skookum lineup.

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