Strawberry Guava

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THC: 23% | CBN: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Strawberry, Tropical, Cream
Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Body High

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Super-rare, and absurdly enjoyable – Strawberry Guava is the definition of a palate pleaser. Grown with passion and precision by the Living Soil Collective, this fruit-forward mashup of Strawberry Banana, Mango #33, and Afghani #1 smacks with insane amounts of flavour and punchy effects.

This one’s a can’t miss for the flavour chasers out there. Open up a tin and unfurl a tantalizing aroma of strawberries and cream, with undertones of tropical fruit and fuel. The terpene expression of this cultivar is extraordinary in every regard.

Strawberry Guava’s light and slender colas are straight-up dripping in crystal, and feature eye-catching lemon-lime calyxes with tangerine pistils. The flavour is sweet and summery with a nice bit of twang to it. Burns to the fluffiest light-grey ash.

Like a sun-basked tropical paradise, Strawberry Guava is beaming with feel-good vibes. It’s a phenomenal mix of bright euphoria, combined with some serious soothing and relaxing effects. As the high tapers down, anticipate a light-weight body stone that won’t leave you feeling lethargic. If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, grab some of this, it’s like a vacation in a can!

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Plant Type

Indica Dominant

15 reviews for Strawberry Guava

  1. BOSCO (verified owner)

    Could this be any more fruity!?
    Have to say, I’m really happy to have tried this strain, the terpenes are seriously out of this world. Bigtime exotic fruit aromas that are very unique, reminds me of Maui.

    Really nice lime green buds covered in trichs, good density. This stuff is the definition of craft cannabis ladies and gents, it’s premo. Burns long and clean with soaring effects, I definitely felt a boost of energy which was perfect for an evening jog. Highly recommended.

    Appearance: 9/10
    Flavour + Aroma: 10/10
    Quality: 9/10
    Value: 9/10
    Overall: 9.5/10

  2. MightyMeggers (verified owner)

    Wow, I am super impressed with this strain. As someone who maintains an extensive garden and grows their own vegetables, I am very cognizant of what I put in my body, so the fact that skookum grows all of their cannabis in living soil and without pesticides is a big deal to me.

    I can see, smell, touch and taste the love that went into this amazing flower. Seriously, these farmers deserve mad props for the extra work it takes to do an all natty grow. Thanks Skookum, mwuah! -Megs

  3. trevor (verified owner)

    Beautiful weed! Tastes and smells great, and is easy to smoke. Nice buzz too. I would order this again.

  4. krisbdpl (verified owner)

    It’s very sweet, I could smoke it all day long, good job! 9.5/10

  5. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Very sweet fruity. musky sort of guava I guess that is in there too.

  6. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    Ahhhhh it’s back. This is a great strain. Great looking and tasting. I’m a fan of sweet, creamy and fruity and this hits all of it and more. Great buzz too. Need to order before it’s gone.

  7. dale-lychees.0w (verified owner)

    Not great

  8. RipBluntworth (verified owner)

    Super flavourful. Fruit punch vibes with a bit of gas mixed in. Reminds me of a sativa but hits more like an indica. Would purchase again, thanks Skookum

  9. bradhelmig (verified owner)

    Man as always perfect cure perfect burn. Popping the tin you just get hit with a sweet Bouquet of fruit. Not sure what I like more this or strawberry jerry. As always top notch! This is the most I would ever spend for herbs but every single strain and order has been fire!! Never worried about quality or consistency of product.

  10. Tim Pare (verified owner)

    I like this one a lot. It’s a perfect wake n bake on a Sunday morning kind of strain. Wont knock you out but hits you on the mellow side! Great for the day and relieves any stress that you might carry after a nice bong blast. I have been a Skookum connoisseur for years and tried a plethora of their strains (50+). It has never let me down and I always look forward to my delivery. It’s a blessing to have access to this beautiful organic flower!

  11. Jon Kennedy (verified owner)

    It’s a close second to me for sweet berry flavours. Strawberry jerry being first. But this has a tropical kick to it. If your a terp chaser this one’s for you.

  12. RKJBBQ18KMDO (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Huge buds/nugs and covered in terpenes. Super fruity and berry. Strawberry and cream for sure when smoked. Can’t wait to vape some and test too. Great high not too relaxed but enjoyable for a nice evening watching a movie. Highly recommended and would buy again!

  13. EH (verified owner)

    Great daytime smoke! Nice and fruity, with a hint of sweet. Good high too!

  14. Mrk (verified owner)

    Sativa guy that loves this flower that puts a smile on my face and I would definitely buy again. The smell is great and the smoke is smooth. Wonderful stuff.

  15. Chris Hutchinson (verified owner)

    This one is such a beautiful strian. It gets my so giddy. The flavour is phenomenal, and I really really like the high. I tried something called guava last year, which I thought was ace and this is similar but much more fruity. Enjoy.

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