White Sumo

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THC: 23% | CBD 0.3%
14 grams

Aroma: Orange, Cream, Citrus
Effects: Energizing, Clear, Social

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White Sumo is a heavyweight cross of Sumo Tangie x White OG with decidedly nimble effects. Expertly grown in living soil by the sure hand of Sativa Steve, this gorgeous cultivar spent two weeks cold-curing to perfection in glass jars prior to being sealed up.

Pop open a can of this and get sumo-slapped with a stunning bouquet of sweet citrus and cream – highly reminiscent of an orange creamsicle in the best possible way. The smoke is incredibly smooth while the aforementioned aromas continue to shine brightly throughout the joint – burning to fluffy, light-coloured ash.

Clear-headed and soaring effects are the hallmarks of this remarkable strain, making it suitable for nearly any time of day. A lot of phenotype hunting went into finding a White Sumo specimen with the most desirable traits, with a little know-how and some good fortune, we’ve found the best one yet!

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Plant Type

Sativa Dominant

34 reviews for White Sumo

  1. lil_peach420 (verified owner)

    Wanted to try sumthin a lil bit different so I copped the white sumo this time, super glad I did!!! This strain tastes soooo good, tastes like orange jones soda or sumthin lol. Did some bong rips in the day then smoked a fatty blunt at night got me baked AF!!! If your not sure that a sativa can get you this stoned just try it is all im sayin!

  2. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Probably up there with dutch crunch and strawberry jerry.
    Intense tropical flavor, very intense flavor.
    Soo tasty.
    Strong Buzz

    #1 Strawberry Jerry
    #2 White Sumo

  3. krisbdpl (verified owner)

    I’m more of an indica guy and just wanted to try something different and holy smokes this stuff is outrageous, tastes like melon to me 10/10

  4. David Trieu (verified owner)

    Damn this one has to be by far one of my favourites. I’m not really a cheese type of guy but a bong toke of this and i felt that shock in my spine.

  5. JD (verified owner)

    Don’t take this one lightly. Burns beautifully, tastes great, and it really knocks you off your rocker. The smell of it is deceiving. You think you’re smoking a light sativa treat but ohhh man does it pack that punch halfway through the joint. Never disappointed

  6. Tyler G (verified owner)

    WOW, this strain is really amazing. I love the complex terp profile very citrusy and kinda gassy smokes very clean and smooth aswell with a nice fluffy white ash ! I usually smoke indica but wow does this sativa pack a punch

  7. CannabisHawk (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a punch to the nose just open a tin of the White Sumo! Holy cow BOOM hit’s you right away and stinks up the entire room. Very citrus forward smell with a bit of cheese funk. The flavour profile leans for me towards grapefruit/citrus with funky undertones. One of the best tasting tins from Skookum yet. The buzz followed the scent very strong and in your face regardless of how often you smoke it. Burns clean and smokes like a dream. One of the best Sativa tins yet from Skookum they really knocked this one out of the park 5 stars!

  8. krisbdpl (verified owner)

    Just ordered this again! I really liked the last one so decided to grab another! Definitely worth it!

  9. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    Aaaaah, one of my favorite strains form Skookum. For me it’s the smell and the flavor. It’s so delicious I can’t stop indulging. Sweet, creamy, fruity goodness. Let’s not forget that it also provide excellent high. I think White Sumo and Romula are my 2 favorites from Skookum. Haven’t seen Romula in a long time though 😉 Treat yourself.

  10. Chris Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Ok, so I’ve smoked different kinds of orange bud over the last 25 years, and they are always weak. This little beauty is FIRE. I’m honestly still in shock at how nice the high is on this strain. Ok, so this stuff is greasy, very very greasy. Ok so they crossed something with the white, makes sence as wifi was a killer smoke back when. Whatever, this one is a must buy, so so good.

  11. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Bought 2oz’s. Top Shelf stuff.
    Orangy tropical yum yum.
    I feel like doing 3 more reviews so its 20 star haha

  12. AdamM (verified owner)

    Another homerun from Skookum. You know with this type of THC content that this one is going to be a heavy hitter and it definitely is. Loved this stuff and will be ordering again.

  13. D Jungle (verified owner)

    Again with the perfect day smoke and top shelf terps! The jack herer and tangie I know and love but this has so much more going on with a nice creamy depth to it. Amazing.

  14. joey-905 (verified owner)

    Very citrus flavor bud. Smooth to smoke a ture delight. The buzz is uplifting and will not make u tired. Leaves you clearheaded and focused i find. The buds are sticky i would buy this one again.

  15. youngooer (verified owner)

    I always order this strain when I can. Awesome nugs! It has a very unique smell and taste. A must try if you have not already!

  16. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    I keep coming back for this. Can’t resist it. I’ve tried many other strains offered by Skookum but nothing can compare to White Sumo. If you are tired of pine and diesel or if simply like smoking best weed, don’t think twice and hit that button!

  17. Travis MacDonald (verified owner)

    Really liked this stuff. I have never been let down by a strain from the folks at skookum. Always loud and full of flavour. Keep it up!!

  18. dastar81 (verified owner)

    I always grab a tin when I see White Sumo is available and always regret not getting a second.

    Beautiful orange flavour and nice uplifting buzz.

    A must try if you have never indulged.

  19. Chris Hutchinson (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 6 tins, ordered another oz. The stuff I was sent just before Christmas was true fire. The best example of this strian. I honestly couldn’t think of anything better to smoke ober the holiday period. Ordered another two tins and the first was a little dry. Lost a little of the danky flavour, but still great smoke. The grower knows what they are doing and it shows through with every tin. Honestly well done for bring us a great strain. This one will always be on the rebuy list for me.

  20. CptCanada (verified owner)

    Cracking the tin, you’re met with this enticing orange/tangerine cream. What an absolute incredible nose.

    Taste translates perfectly in a joint. Burns to a clean grey ash.

    5/5. True quads.

    Definitely added to the re-order list.

    As always, thanks Skookum.

  21. rylan.w.beck (verified owner)

    Another of my favorites from Skookum! Strong citrusy aroma, smells like orange soda.

    Strong uplifting and creative effects with a soaring relaxing body buzz.

  22. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    I left a review for this strain before. Twice. I buy White Sumo a lot. I love it. I buy Skookum almost exclusively. Sometimes I will try some new products just to have some idea on what’s available. Last couple of weeks I tried several organic, small batch strains from producers other than Skookum. Some of them use tins, just like Skookum, most of it priced lower than what we pay here. When it comes to quality, nothing comes close to Skookum. There are obvious problems with proper drying and curing. Most of the time product is too dry and that can completely ruin the experience – it does for me. I’m not sure if it’s bad packaging or product was too dry even before it was packaged into a tin. IT was not a good experience.
    Every time I do sampling like this I appreciate Skookum more than ever. The quality, consistency, and great choice of strains is what makes me always come back here. Have I mentioned superb customer service? Skookum is my #1 choice. Thanks!

  23. Jon Kennedy (verified owner)

    This one is killer. Beautiful buds, just the right moisture and texture. Pungent citrus-y cheesy nose. Potent. Tastes just like it smells. AAAA all the way here, nothing bad to say!

  24. Aprill Wade (verified owner)

    Very cheesy with hints of citrus, perfect moisture, potent

  25. slimsim420 (verified owner)

    Another homerun. Superb creamy orange notes that translates perfectly in a joint. Very smooth and potent, can’t go wrong with this strain if you’re looking for something fruity. Will buy again.

  26. Mrk (verified owner)

    Great citrus sativa with a strong initial punch. Great, great stuff would buy again.

  27. Ryan Stitt (verified owner)

    Truth be told, I was always skipping over this strain, waiting for Strawberry Jerry to show back up but all that changed when I pulled the trigger on this amazing tin of mind-bending bliss. White Sumo, with every visit, continues to render me in the most complete state of heady heaven. This IS my new favourite sativa!

  28. steamface710 (verified owner)

    Great daytime strain! Reminds me of a dinafem diesel i grew years ago. Smells like diesel with a heavy orange peel taste that lingers long after vaping

  29. johnnyrood (verified owner)

    I have wrestled White Sumo a bunch of times and keep coming back for more. Very distinct smell and taste. One of my top 3 Skookum tins out of 20+ tried. Hits fast and makes me happy

  30. habs_guy (verified owner)

    bought 2 ounces. deal of year! 5 stars ganja

  31. Tomasz Laskowski (verified owner)

    HAHA! Did the same. Got 2oz. Love this strain! Love everything about it.
    Thanks for great 420 deal!

  32. phlups (verified owner)

    First time trying Skookum. Got this and Animal Face. Animal Face was solid but unspectacular for me. White Sumo is on another planet. As soon as you crack the lid, the orange peels fly out at you, smacking you in the nostrils. It’s well grown, fairly well trimmed and fresh as can be after a good cure. The smell and taste are extreme and beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Tropicana Cookies. The taste stays on your tongue and coats your mouth with orange and lit bit of spice in the background. Just gorgeous and worth every penny if you’re a flavour chaser like me. The buzz was light at first but crept up on me about 10 mins later. A real creeper strain, it had me talkative and energetic before giving my body a light afternoon buzz. No burnout, just a beautiful sativa dom buzz. I’ve been smoking daily for 30 years, this will be in my top 5. Best of all got it on 420 sale. Thanks Skookum!

  33. Bryan Bourque (verified owner)

    Insane terps, fresh, smooth and potent. An all star. Get it!

  34. Michael Krauss (verified owner)

    One of the best sativa you can reach!
    Smell is so strong i have to use an other grinder to smoke other strain because everything taste the white sumo i grind before?? Good for daytime or anytime love it. Remind me 24k gold and sour tangie. Good summer strain

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