Twisted Monkey

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THC: 23% | CBN 0.2%
14 grams

Aroma: Fruit, Chocolate, Chem
Effects: Body High, Spacy, Languid

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What do you get when you cross Animal Cookies and Monkey Mint? A real Twisted Monkey! Hold off on the tranquillizer darts. This monkey isn’t twisted in the disturbed sense, more in the cockeyed, hair-brained scheming sort of way. This Curious George of the cannabis world is notorious for its unorthodox smell, potent body high, and spacy stone. Let the hijinks ensue!

Want to see our monkey? Well, it’s a damn-fine specimen to be sure. These chunky, strawberry-size buds feature rich hues of auburn, green and violet underneath a plush layer of resin glands. To speak plainly, this ape is caked! As always, grown fully organic in living soil for that sumptuous flavour and smooth smoke.

The nose on this prized primate is twisted in the best way possible, an intriguing melange that takes many forms as it swings across your palate. Notes of dried berry, chocolate and cookies take center stage, while an undercurrent of chem-forward goodness rounds out the experience. Really unique terpene profile right here, suffice to say – this monkey is funky! Burns to fluffy light-grey ash.

Twisted Monkey will grab hold of you with long-lasting and languid effects. Settle in for the evening as a heavy body stone eases your muscular tension, accompanied by a hazy cerebral quality to lighten the mood. Do yourself a favour, nab this belligerent baboon before it escapes!

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5 reviews for Twisted Monkey

  1. Blair F. (verified owner)

    My first ever purchase of skookum. Mind you my tolerance is fairly low, but this weed broke my space time continuum. The concept of time went out the window and I was very pleasantly stoned.

    10/10 visual the buds were clearly hand trimmed.

    10/10 Terps were amazing. Hints of fruit…maybe a little citrus? Lovely.

    10/10 taste. Fruity with a hint of mint. Very pleasant.

  2. Satchmo (verified owner)

    This is absolutely beautiful flower.

    The nose is fruity and gassy in equal measure. The exhale taste is HEAVY grape soda flavour. The high is strong, it’s not as heavy as other flower examples I’ve had from skookum but that’s not a knock at all.

    This stuff will still send you skyward and then leave you deep in the couch zoning out. Definitely an end of the day smoke.

    Impressive stuff. Glad I grabbed a tin.

  3. habs_guy (verified owner)

    Twisted for sure & Impressive.
    Lots of chocolate when opening. some berry undertones?
    Its weird.
    I’ve never smelled flower quite like this.
    Don’t let the ‘weird’ dissuade you. Its really good.
    After all that , its really strong too.

  4. Travis M. (verified owner)

    Huge big purple buds, grape soda flavour with some earthy tones. Had me squinting pretty good!! 🔥🔥

  5. JD (verified owner)

    Okay this one seemed too good to be true. Well, I was wrong! It’s exactly how it looks! It’s absolutely beautiful when you open the tin. The purple hues made me so excited to try it. Smooth, sweet taste with an effect that affects both the mind and body. You can either function at 40% capacity, or get knocked the “f” out. I will be a buyer when it goes back in stock.

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