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THC: 10.5% | CBG: 0.1%
14 grams

Aroma: Citrus, Lavender, Ginger
Effects: Clear, Euphoric, Social

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Picture perfect and oh-so purple, lay your peepers on the latest gem from the Skookum crew! Featured as one of High Times’ top 10 strains of 2019, this stunning cross of Tangie x Star Pupil was bred by Mass Medical Strains and grown by the one and only Bone Crusher. It’s the perfect strain for going about your day in a mellowed-out and stress-free mindset.

This strain is drop-dead gorgeous, it’s a foxtail structure and deep amethyst hues are offset by vibrant tangerine pistils. As always, these buds are expertly trimmed, and cured to perfection for the smoothest of smoking experiences.

Crack a tin of this alluring Putang and unfurl its complex aroma of grapefruit, orange and candied lemon peel with base notes of lavender and ginger. Roll one up and enjoy bright citrus flavours that slowly give way to delicious amaretto and cherry notes, while burning to the fluffiest white ash.

Putang is a phenomenal choice for those chasing a functional, clear-headed high that will have you beaming with good vibes. Don’t let the cannabinoid concentration of this cultivar cloud your judgement, while weighing in at a modest 10.5% THC, its terpene profile gives rise to some very unique entourage effects. Seriously. This shit is some happiness in a can – straight up. Limited quantities available on this one, folks, don’t snooze.

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5 reviews for Putang

  1. dskahan93 (verified owner)

    My first order through Skookum. TOP NOTCH!! They were quick to answer my questions and very customer friendly. Order shipped promptly on Monday, arrived on Vancouver Island mid-morning Wednesday. Beautiful packaging, the boxes were too nice to recycle. Also kept the Skookum bear tissue paper to pack Christmas gifts in (for you early Santas, when I have gifted Skookum joints my friends are very grateful and know I love them).
    First can to pop was Putang. I’m not great on describing scents or tastes so let’s just say it smells like teen spirit to an old hippie with 40+ years of marriage to Mary Jane. I almost did not order it because of the 10.5% THC, but trusted that the truth is in the burn and the write up would be legit. BONE CRUSHER CRUSHED IT!! I love the dark purple nugs. Have never seen cannabis that looks like this, it is stunning. Effect is quick and strong, very enjoyable. I am happy that I let the happiness out of my can of PUTANG.
    Started smoking Skookum in August 2020 and this order is the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th strain we have tried. I rate PUTANG as will definitely order again. I recommend if you can afford to get 4 tins to do it because you are buying fantastic, world class BC grown herb for around 250 oz.
    peace and love and skookum

  2. krisbdpl (verified owner)

    Also got turnt off by the 10% Thc but decided to give it a try, its tasty as hell, burns to a white fluffy ash:) would order again

  3. denisthemenace1325 (verified owner)

    Was very pleased to see a purple sativa like this that was low in THC. Although the thc content, this has been one of my favorite all around smokes. From smoothness in the lungs, to the light ash in the burn, this one is a real winner for me.

  4. zandig (verified owner)

    The cultivar of Putang that won the Cannabis cup was 27%. I Can’t imagine how off the charts insane that gownge must be because this stuff is pretty strong for 10.5% THC. It truly is special weed. In a solo air vape this stuff seemed to be as strong as almost anything I smoke on the regular.

  5. trevor (verified owner)

    Gorgeous Weed. The purplest pot that I have ever seen. Tastes nice and is smooth and easy to smoke. Hits hard considering it’s only 10.5% thc. A nice mellow daytime high. I would order it again.

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