Cake Batter

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THC: 24% | CBD: 0.16%
14 grams

Aroma: Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla
Effects: Euphoric, Stimulating, Soothing

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Who’s got time to bake a cake these days? Not us! We’re too busy growing weed. That’s why we’re serving up this heavenly Cake Batter by the tinful. Sweet tooths and dessert devotees rejoice, we’ve got the magic recipe right here. This sugared-up strain descends directly from the ever-popular Wedding Cake lineage and it’s an absolute hoot to smoke.

Like any good cake, this one’s frosted from top to bottom – we’re talking fantastic trichome coverage. With shades of soft green and beautiful plumes of auburn pistils, Cake Batter’s velvety appearance belies its potent effects. Cold-cured to perfection, these dense, medium-sized nugs bust up beautifully and smoke oh-so-smoothly.

Cracking your tin gives rise to a mouthwatering aroma that is sweet and creamy with subtle notes of vanilla. Light one up and enjoy thick clouds of smoke with flavourful undertones of fuel and spice. Burns nicely to soft, medium-grey ash.

“Just a small slice for me, I’m watching my figure” – too bad, cause puffing on this powerhouse pastry is akin to getting smashed in the face with the whole damn cake! Hang on tight while an intense cerebral buzz envelops your mind state. Euphoric and stimulating at first, Cake Batter’s effects are nicely balanced out by calmness and clarity as the stone settles in. Remember, a party without cake is just a meeting, so snag a slice and celebrate!

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4 reviews for Cake Batter

  1. Satchmo (verified owner)

    Wow. That’s basically the only descriptor that comes to mind with this stuff. Skookum has always done a bang up job with their Wedding Cake strain but this Cake Batter is a whole new level. One of the first strains in a long time to get me noticeably high, don’t get me wrong – most of skookums strains do the job admirably but this one over performs. Absolute aces across the board: taste, look, smell, high and burn are all top notch. Would order again. 5 out of 5.

  2. Darren S. (verified owner)

    Nice bright green buds, sweet smell, awesome taste, burns to a nice white ash. Has a kick to it. Great job as usual!

  3. Travis M. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried majority of the strains that skookum has and all have been superb..But this one here stood out just a little more then the others. If you like the cake/cookies flavours this one definitely won’t let you down. Hope to see it on here again!!

  4. JD (verified owner)

    Wow! This cake batter might be smooth, but it WRECKS you. If you’re looking for an instant couch lock, this is the one. You instantly feel the heaviness as you finish your sesh. Absolute banger

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